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Past Release 2021.3.31


Past Release 2021.3.31


Hedge Hop / Nostargiology feat. Captain Earwax

泉川貴広のLo-Fi Hip-Hopプロジェクト”Hedge Hop”第7作目はオーストラリアの多才アーティスト、キャプテン・イヤーワックスことダニエル・オートゥールとのコラボレーション!


In this Takahiro Izumikawa’s 7th “Hedge Hop” collaboration, the Australian multi-disciplinary artist Daniel O’Toole, Captain Earwax is appeared!

With his trippy, ambient & psychedelic samples and a bit of idled broken beats, like as a well know painter in Australia, Captain Earwax keeps the tune rolling as a sweetly awkward music box sounding!
Takahiro Izumikawa catches Captain Earwax’s warm vibe and responds with nostalgic piano and Fender Rhodes phrases.
There are properly simple but also condensed jazzy feelings which Takahiro has cultivated and nurtured in his career.
Those two talents got best match in this Lo-Fi tune!

Yui Ogura’s jacket design is as highly expected as well!

Captain Earwax is the musical moniker of Australian multi-disciplinary artist Daniel O’Toole. As a solo artist, Captain Earwax has released 3 full-length albums, Delicate Empires (2017), Red Silhouettes (2012) and Porcelain Giants (2014), plus 2 EPs Floating Tokyo and Blue Temple, and multiple projects as Flight Recorder, a collaboration with fellow Sydney artist and audio engineer Jack Prest.
Also he is the founder of the Free The Beats compilation series, which has released over 11 beat tapes.
In the early stages of his music career, Dan was the instigator behind Sydney’s renowned Free The Beats compilation series and event, which showcases Australia’s underground beatmakers and electronic music producers.
Delicate Empires, was released on vinyl and digitally in August 2017 through Australian-based label Fifty Records. The album saw Captain Earwax blend his passion for nature and earthly sounds with playful and emotive melodies, intricate percussion and crunchy textures.
His latest single Fever Dreams ft. Ness Cassey delves into a soulful electro vibe, blending live Rhodes, 808 drums, and Minimoog /model D baselines.


Label: Reborn Wood Records
Product Number:RWR-0007

Title: Nostargeology feat. Captain Earwax
Artist: Hedge Hop
SONG: Takahiro Izumikawa
Performed by Takahiro Izumikawa/Daniel O’Toole
ARRANGEMENT: Takahiro Izumikawa
Produced by Takahiro Izumikawa/Daniel O’Toole
Mixed by Shuichi Morita
Jacket Design: Yui Ogura

2021.3.31 Release Product#:RWR-0007