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Past Release 2018.11.14


Past Release 2018.11.14


May Inoue 井上銘 / Solo Guitar

A young top runner guitarist/composer, May Inoue, who leads the borderless Jazz scene, has been working on his Solo Guitar live for 4 years and finally compiled his skills and techniques together.
The recordings have most definitely relaxed and relieved vibes with his acoustic and warm tone.
アーティスト:May Inoue
アルバムタイトル:Solo Guitar

Produced by May Inoue
Recording & Mixing: Shuichi Morita (ReBorn Wood Inc.)
Recorded & Mixed at ReBorn Wood Studios
Mastering: Tomomi Aibara (Winns Mastering)
Photographer: Atsuko Tanaka
Design: Hiroto Sawano
Illustration: Yuri Kamiyama
A&R: Shuichi Morita (ReBorn Wood Inc.)
Artist Promotion: Yasunao Etoh(ReBorn Wood Inc.)
Manufactured by ReBorn Wood Inc. Distribution: DISK UNION Co., Ltd.
Executive Producer: Taichi Kiriya, Sachiko Hayashi (ReBorn Wood Inc.)
1. Desperado (3:57) – Glenn Lewis Frey / Don Henley
2. Chega De Saudade (3:44) – Antonio Carlos Jobim / Tom Jobim
3. Fireworks (3:28) – Toshihiko Inoue
4. A Memory Of The Sepia (5:20) – May Inoue
5. Sunny (4:40) – Bobby Hebb
6. Winter Song (5:17) – May Inoue
7. Afterwords (4:34) – May Inoue
Total length:30:27:67
2018.11.14 RELEASE 品番:RBW-0011 価格:¥2,315+Tax POS:4988044881747