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Past Release 2020.12.30


Past Release 2020.12.30


Hedge Hop / Find Your Ore feat. Silent Titan

Takahiro IzumikawaのLo-Fi Hip-Hopプロジェクト第四弾はオーストラリア出身の新鋭Hip HopプロデューサーSilent Titanとのコラボ作品!
DJ PremierやJ Dillaなど90’s Stone Throw系プロデューサーの影響を受けつつクリアでラウドな現代的で正統派Hip- Hopサウンドが持ち味のSilent Titanのビートメイキングとダーク&ジャジーなサックス・フレーズ、そして泉川のスモーキーで陰鬱なピアノのモチーフの掛け合いがシンプルながらも奥深い世界感を醸し出し鉱石探索へ誘うLo-Fiグルーブ!
The 4th single of the “Hedge Hop” project by Takahiro Izumikawa is a collaboration work with the up coming Hip-Hop producer, Silent Titan, from Australia!
The beats by Silent Titan have the taste of the 90’s Hip-Hop influenced vibes like Stone Throw producers’ such as DJ Premier and J Dilla with clear and loud beat making of contemporary and orthodox Hip-Hop style.

These intersections of the Silent Titan’s dark and jazzy sax phrases and Takahiro’s smoky and melancholic piano motif are inviting you to explore the unknown Lo-Fi ore!

Title: Find Your Ore feat. Silent Titan
Artist: Hedge Hop
SONG: Takahiro Izumikawa / Silent Titan
Performed by Takahiro Izumikawa / Silent Titan
ARRANGEMENT: Takahiro Izumikawa
Produced by Takahiro Izumikawa
Mixed by Shuichi Morita
Jacket Design: Yui Ogura

2020.12.30 Release Product#:RWR-0004