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Past Release 2021.6.30


Past Release 2021.6.30


Hedge Hop / Smiling feat. SURAN

In this Takahiro Izumikawa’s 10th “Hedge Hop” collaboration, a Korean Soul singer-songwriter with “Jewelry Whisper Voice”, SURAN is appeared!
She had been in Jazz scene and was looking for her suitable genre for a while. Finally she had a huge hit produced by SUGA from Grammy nominee artist “BTS” in 2017 and has joined the ranks of famous artists.

SURAN’s poetic and flowy voice starting with Takahiro’s Lo-Fi piano move as if diving in underwater, invites listeners to the dreamy Lo-Fi world.
Takahiro brings out a little melancholic and gentle feel with simple but also exquisite code progression, and is literally supportive for SURAN’s sensitive expression.
Taka’s piano solo fills color to the world of two and once she got open up with full voice as if getting out on the surface of the water, the warm and fat bass pushes to more to groove!

Eventually the jacket design by Yui Ogura will complete this Lo-Fi world of Takahiro and SURAN visually!

Takahiro Izumikawaの”Hedge Hop”プロジェクト第10作目のコラボレーションは、韓国人ソウル&シンガー・ソングライターで”宝玉のウィスパー・ヴォイス”を持つSURANとのコラボレーション!


Label: Reborn Wood Records
Product Number:RWR-0010

Title: Smiling feat. SURAN
Artist: Hedge Hop
SONG: Takahiro Izumikawa / SURAN
Performed by Takahiro Izumikawa / SURAN
ARRANGEMENT: Takahiro Izumikawa
Lyrics by SURAN
Produced by Takahiro Izumikawa / SURAN
Mixed by Shuichi Morita
Jacket Design: Yui Ogura

2021.6.30 Release 品番: RWR-0010
配信サイトultravybe.lnk.to/smiling 世界配信:https://vyd.co/Smiling