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Past Release 2020.9.30


Past Release 2020.9.30


Hedge Hop / After The Frost feat. JONES Jnr.

ReBorn Wood配信レーベル”Reborn Wood Records”より“Hedge Hop”始動!
米名門レーベルRopeadopeよりHip Hop、R&B、Jazz、ゴスペルと日本文化を融合したアルバム”Life Is Your Thoughts“をリリースし、 ワールドワイドな制作&コラボレーションを続けるプロデューサーTakahiro IzumikawaのLo-Fi Hip Hopプロジェクト”Hedge Hop“の第一弾シングル”After The Frost feat. JONES Jnr.“配信スタート!

第一弾はオーストラリア出身、ホセ・ジェームスやメイヤー・ホーソンのサポートで注目を浴びているDJ&シンガー・ユニット”JONES Jnr.“とのコラボレーション!
Smooth&Chillなレイドバック・ソウル・シンガーのEv Jonesが歌詞を書き下ろした歌声をDJ Morgsの心地よいLo-Fiビートにのせ、

The New York based Japanese producer & keyboardist Takahiro Izumikawa’s Lo-Fi Hip-Hop project “Hedge Hop” has just launched from Reborn Wood Records! Takahiro Izumikawa released Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, and Gospel oriented mixture album called “Life Is Your Thoughts” with Japanese cultural flavor from the prestigious US label Ropeadope in 2020 and keeps on producing new project world widely.

The blessed Hedge Hop’s 1st single is a collaboration with the Australian DJ & singer unit called “JONES Jnr.” who is in the spotlight with the support of José James and Mayer Hawthorne!. The smooth, chill and laid-back soul singer Ev Jones puts his lyrics written down on DJ Morgs’ comfortable Lo-Fi beats, and Takahiro Izumikawa’s signature sounds of Prophet, Fender Rhodes, and piano are simply yet lyrically collaged.

It’s literally enjoyable track for Lo-Fi beats fans but also these Neo-soul fans.
The jacket is drawn by Japanese painter, Yui Ogura, actively pursuing her expression in New York!

Artist: Hedge Hop
Title: After The Frost feat. JONES Jnr.

Lyrics: Ev Jones
SONG: Takahiro Izumikawa / Ev Jones / DJ Morgs
ARRANGEMENT: Takahiro Izumikawa / JONES Jnr.

Produced by Takahiro Izumikawa
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Shuichi Morita
Jacket Design: Yui Ogura

2020.9.30 Release 品番:RWR-0001