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Past Release 2021.5.26


Past Release 2021.5.26


Hedge Hop / We Need Love feat. Jermaine Holmes

In this Takahiro Izumikawa’s 9th “Hedge Hop” collaboration, a NY-based R&B/Soul singer as the D’Angelo’s group, Jermaine Holmes is appeared!
He is the lead singer in legendary rapper Pete Rock’s band The Soul Brothers.

Because of this pandemic situation with COVID-19, these hate crimes and prejudice against Asian people in U.S. have been getting worse. As an African American, Jermaine has been seeing a lot of inequality and discrimination, he thought that now is the time to have more compassion and understandings between people.
This is very important for Jermaine and Takahiro to express their feelings and communicate with music fans as the artists.
The lyrics by Jemanine is literally simple and mainly just saying “We Need Love” even more so coming in our hearts sincerely.
Please have a listen and be honest to their music for a while.

The jacket design by gifted artist, Yui Ogura is also amazingly precious!

Takahiro Izumikawaの”Hedge Hop”プロジェクト第9作目のコラボレーションはディアンジェロ・グループのR&B/Soulシンガーであり、泉川のメイン・プロジェクト”Life Is Your Thoughts”で圧巻の歌声を披露したNYを拠点に活動するジャーメイン・ホルムズ!

ジャーメインと泉川が自分たちの気持ちを表現し音楽ファンとコミュニケーションを取ろうとする姿勢は非常に重要である。ジャーメインの歌詞は実際本当にシンプルで主に”We Need Love”と歌っているが故に心にグッとくるのではないだろうか?


Label: Reborn Wood Records
Product Number:RWR-0009

Title: We Need Love feat. Jermaine Holmes
Artist: Hedge Hop
SONG: Takahiro Izumikawa / Jermaine Holmes
Lyrics: Jermaine Holmes
Performed by Takahiro Izumikawa / Jermaine Holmes
ARRANGEMENT: Takahiro Izumikawa
Produced by Takahiro Izumikawa

Mixed by Shuichi Morita
Jacket Design: Yui Ogura

2021.5.26 Release 品番 : RWR-0009